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A practical Arrangement ...

Outstanding ... in many ways, Sting invites us to a harsh and also heartwarming Session.

The last Ship offers a lot more to explore, because it`s a part of a young Man, growing up in Newcastle near the Shipyards with all those urbanities and stereotypes we can imagine.

So ... Sting is sophisticated in life and career, to tell about the things in a manner that leans on the working class Heroes of his Decade.

In this case, the most unexpected surprise results from the perception, that a harsh enviroment is able to create a Man´s World ... a World who have no answers of the sensitive questions Life could offer.

So ... Sting was able to create a wonderful and sensitive context concerning his holistic expierience through the years ... and his career.

With the help of Friend Jimmy Nail ... who`s a realy heartwarming Storyteller ... The last Ship is still able to be a lot more than a nice Suite.

Yes ... it brought about tears in my eyes, especially during the heartbreaking dialogue of "A practical Arrangement".

Now ... since The last Ship turned to a Broadway Show, Sting and Jimmy Nail (the musical director) are struggeling a little ... because ... who want`s to enjoy an evening of those "practical Arrangements" with his new flame beside ...?

Maybe a reason for a less audience on Broadway, but a outstanding good performance for the Idea and the spirit of the subject ... sometimes less can be so much more.

For me this last Ship is a rarely statement of a Man`s World we don`t talk about because it could be a disadvantage for everything a man could be ... or is it only a stereotype and we can be free and emancipated ... as a Man with an opportunity to cry whenever he ... feels like?.

In every case ... it`s precious to share our thoughts, before we come to a "Practical Arrangement".

Joerg 2015

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